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Why our Services are the Best for You

With many years of experience it comes down to the below 3 key-points for our clients to have longevity in their use of our services.

Who are we ?

We are a team of professionals with intelligence in all I.T. fields. We are located in Costa Rica, under German management with collaborators from many other countries.

Regard us as your personal I.T. Manager so you can concentrate on the essentials: Running your business and Making Money  !

Our mission is to streamline your I.T. processes, to save you time and implement new development channels for your business.

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What do we do ?

We are taking the workload away from you in anything related to I.T.

Our services include: App creating, web site development, SEO, social media management, Automation and much more!

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Clients Comments that used a variety of Our Services

"We have no regrets! A beautiful multilingual webpage was delivered and we finally feel that our company has an adequate web-presence. "
Andrew H.
"Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its products and services 100 percent. I gave It-ico control over my instagram to grow it and manage the posts I provided. Couldn't be happier. It takes loads of work off of me at an affordable price"
Xavier P.
"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with this. With your app Chatterboks you created for us we doubled our efficiency using Whatsapp. So we decided to make it free for everybody to download on the windows store. Thanks"
Maria N.

Our Services

Virtual Assistant tailor-made for your business
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How much time are you spending on answering questions from possible clients or anybody else on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, your website or other channels? – Do your clients expect an answer immediately no matter which our of the day? – … Read More

Directed Marketing for local and international Businesses
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Are you striving with your local business to find more clients? Be it you offering services or retailing products… We sit with you and provide the correct strategy for you and optimize your operation processes, whilst at the same time … Read More

Social Media Strategics and Management
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Boost your social media and grow your social media presence like never before! So how can we help you? Once you get in contact with us, we will work closely with you to personalize a campaign that will get you … Read More

Web – and App- Development + Added Services
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Nowadays, everyone has some sort of web and/ or app presence. It is hard to find a person or business without that. This shows the extreme importance of this matter. When updating, changing or creating a web-presence or apps, the … Read More

Artificial Intelligence
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Artificial intelligence has become mainstream and everybody is talking about it. With the help of computer making decisions a whole new world of services has been established to help get our work done.   Our daily lives are distinguished by … Read More

Photo and Video
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Having your business represented visually to the highest possibilities is essential to create customers trust before you even see them or get to talk to them. Examples: photos / videos of your place of business / offices etc. photos / … Read More

Graphic Design, Branding and print media
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Are you aware of your Brand identity and how it effects your business and your customers? Having a consistent brand identity is more important than ever with visual stimulation all around us. Consult us to stream-line your identity or any … Read More

Daily Automation
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Without knowing it we have turned more and more into creatures of habit. Be it voluntarily or out of necessity. Every day we are completing the same tasks. Save this time and concentrate on what is important! What we can … Read More

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