Your International Agency
for Web / App / Systems Development & Marketing

Your International Agency
for Web / App / Systems Development & Marketing

The Pillars of Our Services

If You’re Not Visible Online You Don’t Exist!

Are You Following a Strategy that will Bring Your Business to the Top?

Are Your Tools and Processes Aligned?

The Pillars of Our Services


If You're Not Visible Online You Don't Exist!

In today’s rapid-paced world, it’s inevitable to have an online presence to deliver information in an instant. A website, an app, social media and other online portals create a strong base only if in accordance with the latest standards of technology. With a website comes SEO (search engine optimization) and content creation. Search engines and social media are changing their algorithm frequently every few months.

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Are You Following a Strategy that will Bring Your Business to the Top?

We are a society driven by digital technology. Such is its impact that there are countries where citizens don’t have running water, but own smartphones. Digital marketing has an incredible influence on people’s interactions, work, purchases and life habits.

As such, companies today need to have a firm grasp on how to utilize the digital universe to maximize their brand awareness and impact.

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Are Your Tools and Processes Aligned?

Modern businesses run on digital tools. From communicating with customers, collaborating internally or protecting their assets, everybody knows that there’s a digital platform or service for everything.

The truth is, those who don’t embrace technology may be left behind: According to Deloitte research, “digitally advanced small businesses” earned more revenue per employee, were more likely to create jobs and were more likely to have exported over the previous year. And yet, four of five U.S. businesses aren’t taking full advantage of digital tools available to them.

For complex processes it even is often very economical to create your own tools or platforms.

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Why our Services are the Best Fit for You

With many years of experience it comes down to the below 3 key-points for our clients to have longevity in their use of our services.


In today’s rapid-paced world, it's important to have information on hand in an instant. With this in mind, not only are our designs responsive, but regular communication is kept with clients throughout the entire project, we even offer after care.


Our products are designed and created with the goal of long- term use. This can only be achieved with high- quality techniques and execution of our projects by standards and levels set by our clients.


All our products come with detailed documentation to be accessed at will. Also, we are available at all times; before, during and after projects.

Some of our Recent Clients

Examples of our Recent Projects

Websites and Ecommerce

Over the years we’ve created, edited and optimized many websites and E-Commerce stores. We can work on the most mainline technologies like WordPress and Woocommerce up to asp, asp net, asp net core, javascript, html, jquery and many more. All while taking SEO (Search engine optimization), social media and other aspects into account.

Nowadays a website is a part of a bigger picture.

What differentiate us from others is that we integrate with your current business strategy and point you into the right direction how all of our products can be used to achieve best results.


Economical website for a new restaurant in Nosara

Tesoro Tico

Biggest ecommerce platform in Costa Rica without plastic

Integrated bespoke Systems adapted to your business-needs

Time is money and every business’s goal should be to work as efficient as possible.

Using market ready systems can sometimes result into a business using many different systems which impacts the efficiency in every workflow. Over the years we’ve programmed several completely integrated systems that contain CMS (Customer management System), Reports, digital files, accounting and anything necessary, enabling our clients to focus on the actual work instead of juggling several systems. 

We create completely bespoke systems adapted to any company’s needs using Databases, APIs, Frontend- and Backend-systems.

One of our recent clients is a company selling hundreds of LITEC houses in the U.S.A. to their existing and new possible owners. This is a new type of business model that has never existed before. Therefor our client needed a solution that helps him manage all those clients efficiently.

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Chrome Addon

WordPress Plug-ins and Chrome / Browser-Extensions

Sometimes it can’t be avoided having to use several web systems resulting in a repeating workflow. One inefficiency that was present at one of our clients was managing the shipping and packing process of their online store. The client uses 2 different shipping providers that each use a different website to create shipping labels and order the pickup for the shipments.

The previous workflow was to copy every field (like name, address, email, phone, etc) separately and paste it one by one into the shipper’s platform. This had to be done for every single package taking a tremendous amount of time. We’ve solved this with a Chrome extension that also generates easy packing lists, compressing the reducing time by 50%. Another client needed a supplier and purchase order management software within his existing WordPress store. None of the existing solutions were useful, so we helped him and created a new one.

He published the WordPress Plugin for free for everybody to use.

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Mobile Apps – Android / IOS / Windows

We have a wide range of mobile apps developed over the years.

One recent client from Germany has an existing ERP (Enterprise resource planning) solution focusing on service providers with client interaction and drivers that get jobs allocated by the administration of their existing solution.

Our app is a privately used app on Android and IOS that enables communication of their technicians on the go, while the app also collects proof of the work done through photos, client signatures, time accounting and much more.

Another recent app is for an international law firm operating in USA, Panama and Costa Rica. The app connects to their current CRM is Zoho. Other apps are less business oriented, like our worldwide free universal radio app for windows.

Mini-Programs, Terminal programs and standalone programs

Often a small hurdle can generate a big inefficiency.

For accounting purposes, reports and analytics a client needed sales reports from their online store from specific dates, in an excel format, while having the app be usable on different platforms, like Mac systems, Windows and even Linux.

Considering all, in this case no big graphical interface was needed. The only info to be put in was a starting date and an end date.

Another scenario we faced recently was a client who wanted to control a GSM modem to send and receive SMS automatically through a USB stick with an inserted SIM-card and also reply to incoming SMS automatically while working in tandem with his existing server system. We’ve had to create a stand-alone Windows app to control his hardware.

SMS Server
Digital Marketing Associate by Meta
Digital Marketing Associate by Meta
Visual Design Associate by Adobe
Visual Design Associate by Adobe

Digital Marketing – Content Development and Graphic Design

In nowadays digital world a business can easily be steamrolled over by all opportunities presented for marketing. We should talk websites, SEO, google business, social media, Email marketing, content strategies and paid ads (be it on Facebook, Google or other platforms). Ideally all of those work in tandem to create the most efficient and economical way to reach the best outcome.

We provide all or parts of all the above adapting to any budget. Our team is certified by Meta (Owner of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp) , Google and Adobe creating a basis of trust for all our work.

Currently we are maintaining several clients and have provided successful strategies for man others.

Who are We?

We are a team of professionals with intelligence in all I.T. fields. We are located in Costa Rica, under German management with collaborators from many other countries.

Regard us as your personal I.T. and Marketing Manager so you can concentrate on the essentials: Running your business and Making Money  !

Our mission is to streamline your processes, to save you time and implement new development channels for your business.

What do We do?

We are taking the workload away from you in anything related to I.T. , Design or Digital Marketing.

Our services include: Software development, app creation, web site development, SEO, social media management, Automation, Marketing, artificial Intelligence and much more!

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