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When talking about social networks in Latin America, there is a very high percentage of usage. However, the list is topped by Costa Rica, a leader in usage of social media, as locals have proven to be true fans of the internet.

Previously, Costa Rica came in as second out of countries with the greatest usage of social networks, but recent studies placed it in the first place. That is well above other Latin American countries that have a much higher population than Costa Rica.


Social networks in Costa Rica and how they influence businesses

A study carried out by El País, together with INTAL (institute for the integration of Latin America) and the IDB (International Development Bank), showed that, from 18 countries in Latin America, social networks in Costa Rica are have as high of a usage to be place this country on the second place, surpassed only by Paraguay with a percentage of no more than 5%.

However, other surveys were also recently conducted, this time by a corporation called Latino barometer, which is dedicated to conducting public surveys without any profit. These surveys were carried out in different Latin American countries and on this occasion, Costa Rica came out on top with its use of social networks.

The use of social networks in Costa Rica

Impressively, Costa Rica only has a population of 5 million inhabitants, far less than countries like Brazil with about 200 million inhabitants. Even so, with such a high population in comparison, Brazils’ percentage of network usage is so only 58%, while that of Costa Rica is 77% on Facebook and even 83% on WhatsApp.

Another impressive fact of Costa Rica, is that it is also the first country in Latin America to generate more income with the use of Uber (a ride-hailing app) than any other country in Latin America with a considerable amount of 800,000 users.

What about their security and privacy? The truth is that in Costa Rica there are laws that protect the rights of its population. Such laws are backed by the nation and gives each individual the power to have a free expression in their networks, as well as privacy, non-discrimination and freedom of religion etc.

The same laws support tourists entering the country, they can also feel calm about being communicating while they are abroad, since Costa Rica, being the leader in the use of social networks, has free WiFi in most places.

Advantages of social networks for companies and businesses

Costa Rican companies are benefiting by social media. Other studies revealed that 81% of companies that use social networks tend to have better economic integration, unlike those who do not; mainly because they are freed from certain standards, trade barriers and labor patterns.

Another reason why companies are forced to use social networks is because of the country’s limited postal system. Costa Rica only has one state-owned postal system, which makes it difficult for businesses to market by traditional means, such as the newspaper, for example. So they turn to internet networks and benefit from them to do what is known as digital marketing.

Social networks are very important for companies and marketing in Costa Rica. Each business uses them differently and looking to look for their own benefits, but in general they all follow the same pattern, which is based on the dysfunction of information either to position their brand, obtain more visibility or sell their product to target users.

The way in which they achieve this through the networks, is by linking their marketing objectives with different blogs, information exchange sites, magazines, forums, content generators or any other online social network that allows them to always be in touch with their users.

Costa Rica as a leader in the use of social networks in Latin America

Currently, 85% of companies in Costa Rica use social networks as a form of marketing, to stay ahead and not be overtaken by other brands. Many of the largest companies in this country and are very successful, owing their success to social media marketing and of course to a good management plan.

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