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In modern times, like today, where technology is increasingly advanced, Costa Rica is involved in a wave of artificial intelligence technology in the medical field. There are already many areas of medicine where it is very common to find AI.

Artificial intelligence has not yet replaced the workforce itself like other professions in Costa Rica. However, it is moving towards that situation in great leaps. While that time comes we can see AI as a great ally, assisting doctors in finding solutions faster and more efficiently.

The areas of medicine in Costa Rica in which artificial intelligence is already an important part

Medicine in Costa Rica is an area that is getting more and more attention. Continuous technological advances have allowed the development of important mechanisms that seek to be the support that every medical area needs in making intelligent decisions in the shortest possible time, so that medicine evolves and shows itself as more efficient and safe.

Doctors daily handle a large amount of important information and data, which for different reasons such as stress, fatigue or lack of memory are in danger of being forgotten. Scientists taking advantage of all technological processes to create and innovate new projects based on artificial intelligence and big data, which allow this information to be stored more securely and analysed much faster than with the human mind.
There are many medical areas in Costa Rica where artificial intelligence is making important innovations.

Day by day clinics and hospitals include medical equipment with advanced intelligence. Similarly, medical universities are also including these topics to their areas of study, as clinical simulations are becoming increasingly stronger to build an educational base and methodology.

In order to optimise the training processes for the world’s greatest medical specialists, simulated environments are developed that recreate every medical circumstance; from an assisted delivery to what we can now call “human androids” who simulate gestures, pain, sounds to push to give birth to a baby, or the suffering experienced during a heart attack and all its possible complications. In this way, both medical students and specialists around the world can reduce their hospital errors and in turn increase their capabilities with the management of these technological tools.

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What can be done with AI in the medical field?

A clear example of what artificial intelligence can do in medicine is the 3D digitalisation of images taken from radiographs, magnetic resonances, CT scans or ultrasound. Devices with AI create algorithms that subsequently digitise in 3D form.

This empowers doctors to observe and have a better perspective or angle, that results in a specialist capable of diagnosing the patient’s pathology in a clearer and more objective way, thus allowing a better treatment to be followed.
Costa Rica also became part of the statistics within the countries that have simulation equipment such as robots among their study, with which they can practice medicine as if they were a real patient and AI platforms with which images can be observed at different levels, thus being able to see detailed parts of the body in the human anatomy that would not otherwise be possible for students.

Best of all, these platforms are so advanced that they can be used in many areas of medicine such as radiography, for example, where bone injuries, fractures or sprains can be seen in detail. It also broadens the medical vision that can examine with better attention the human organs, and analyse factors such as the distance between them or if they have a tumor..

These platforms also help in the search for solutions for patients and their pathologies, giving the doctor a clearer and more correct treatment, thanks to the capacity acquired by these technologies. Some artificial intelligence platforms in Costa Rica are connected to each other, which allows them to acquire more information from different cases, even if they are not treated in the same hospital or university.

Simulated environments with Artificial Intelligence in Costa Rica
Costa Rica have not been left behind with the incorporation of new androids in hospitals and universities. Robots are serving as trainers for the training and training of new health professionals.

These come with a very advanced design, with different materials, neural networks or sensors, which allows them to recreate medical situations or diseases, such as high temperature, vomiting, blood pressure problems and many other diseases, making it possible for doctors to treat them like any other human being and make incisions, perform different types of exams, extractions and even different surgeries.

Artificial Intelligence in disease detection. Where are we headed?

Today, blood and urine tests for disease markers are performed using a method called ELISA (adsorption enzyme immunoassay), developed in the 1970s. This process takes about two hours to complete, is expensive and can only be performed by highly qualified staff. However, Costa Rica could be welcoming a new AI equipment that could replace those expensive detections.

Referring to the so-called AI Leeds whose technology provides results in less than 15 minutes, and allows it to be developed in a small device the size of a mobile phone. In said device different sensors and chips could be inserted, depending on the disease for which the diagnostic test is performed.

The detection would be developed by a biosensor technology that uses antibodies to detect biological markers (molecules in the human body that are often markers of a certain disease). This technology could be used in medical offices to diagnose more precisely, as well as in hospitals to accelerate diagnoses.

The artificial intelligence used in these detection processes represents only the tip of the iceberg of possible applications. It has been shown that they can have environmental applications, such as the detection of herbicides or pesticides in water and the detection of antibiotics in milk. 

The issue of artificial medical intelligence in Costa Rica is really broad and is becoming much more incorporated and important. To know more about this and what kind of benefits can be obtained in the different areas you just have to enter the following link: AI artificial intelligence

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