Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become mainstream and everybody is talking about it. With the help of computer systems making decisions a whole new world of services has been established to help get our work done or evaluate things that previously have been deemed impossible.

Our daily lives are distinguished by I.T. systems that are closed and have no means of working together. That is where we can start to provide intelligent connections in-between them.

AI gives a broad range of possibilities.

The most common services are:

– Voice control
– Chatbots — Automate your customer experience
– Translation
– Picture classification
– Automation
– Fraud control
– Security systems (cameras etc) i.e. recognising car plates or other objects
– Production environments i.e recognising production mistakes by analysing a photo or video
– Prediction of behaviour and outcome

Usage Examples:

Virtual Assistent / Chatbot


Let’s ask ourselves a few questions:

How much time are we spending on answering questions from possible clients or anybody else on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, your website or other channels?

How much time are we spending organizing appointments?

How much time are we spending sending emails to clients?

Are we doing other repetitive tasks frequently?


With all of these and more a Virtual Assistant can help you streamline your processes.


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Picture / Video Classification

Picture or Video Classification means that a computer will identify objects or texts in a photo or video. 

One application could be in regards to security. Let’s say we have a parking lot and we want to keep a log of the cars that went in and out and at what times.

With Classification we can easily achieve that. A computer would read out the licences plates of each car passing a camera and note down the time it would enter and/or leave in a Database, including possibly a photo.


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Fraud Control

Banks have been using computer systems for a long time to manage their customers credit card usage.

Nowadays there is artificial intelligence checking usage of cards and transfers at any moment. 

If somebody for example were to use their credit card in Costa Rica and 5 Minutes later in Germany. The system would know that there is something impossible going on and most likely block the card.

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Why is it successful?

A Computer making decisions that previously only a human could make can bring a whole new level of efficiency to a business when delivering the same or better results, much faster.

Since AI is a relatively new field and somewhat unused many clients can’t apply yet where it could be used.

Artificial Intelligence creates endless possibilities. Contact us to talk about your ideas or have us suggest some use-cases adjusted to your specific needs.

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